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Aviation & Maritime

“Linden Municipal Airport is a Federally Designated Reliever Facility for the Newark International Airport and the helicopter center for the New York City area. We are a busy general aviation airport and are responsible for managing all aspects of the facility including aeronautical and ground operations, aircraft fueling, and airport maintenance. Reliable communications are vital to keeping our people safe.

We need to protect our personnel from the extremely high noise levels, particularly around running helicopters, when they are outside handling operating aircraft. Our people are equipped with very heavy-duty noise cancelling industrial headsets attached to extreme duty hard hats. When going indoors, or inside a vehicle, they need to transition to a speaker microphone.  Frequent changing back and forth became a frustrating, time consuming process, with the staff constantly fumbling with the equipment. Further, the constant switching between headset adapters and speaker mic units was causing repetitive connector failures on the radio units.

We needed a system that would allow us to connect the headsets directly to the speaker mic. This would eliminate the wear on the radio connector and allow the staff to keep the radio unit and speaker mic in place on their person. Ours is a very tough environment and finding a solution was not as simple as it sounds.

We tried numerous speaker mic units. Those few that had a connector that would actually mechanically mate with our heavy duty headset’s plug all had poor auxiliary headset connectors. They were decidedly inadequate in our environment and failed quickly. Some had poor audio, impedance mismatches, or other technical incompatibilities. Worse, the manufacturers had little understanding of these issues.

I was referred to Stone Mountain, Ltd.  Their engineers were clearly experts and very responsive. They immediately grasped the mechanical and technical issues with our application. I provided one of our headsets and a radio unit to them and within a week they supplied a fully tested Waterproof Phoenix Speaker Mic with the SureTact feature and a custom interface cable to interconnect the headset to their speaker mic.

Their speaker mic units have held up very well, even in our environment, and the staff is very satisfied with the high audio quality they provide.

We have since purchased additional units.  I would highly recommend you consider Stone Mountain for your communications needs.”


a-lindenPaul Dudley
Linden Municipal Airport (LDJ)