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Our Mission

To be the premier source for ruggedized radio systems and audio accessories by consistently providing the most innovative, highest quality products at competitive prices. To maintain this position by continuous product improvement, new technology development, professional customer support and new market expansion.

About Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain, Ltd. (SML) began operations in January, 2002.  The company’s primary focus was to provide ultra high quality, feature rich land mobile radio (LMR) accessories to public safety, military and heavy business and industrial end users.  Drawing upon the considerable experience and technical resources of its sister company, Stone Mountain Design, Inc. (SMD), founded in 1997, SML designed, developed, tooled and marketed a line of speaker microphones (Sword and Juno), Chest PTT’s (Utah) and audio accessories (Omaha) that possessed a level of features, technology, quality and durability that far surpassed competitive product offerings.  SML’s 100% owner, founder and President, Bill Jennings, led SML as an engineering focused company whose strict charter maintained a “quality over cost” stance on all products.  The unique blend of features, aesthetics and rugged durability made the Sword and Juno speaker microphones an overnight favorite for customers seeking high quality, assembled in the USA products.  By 2006, SML was a well known and preferred source for LMR accessories in North America as well as international markets.

In October 2006, Mr. Jennings sold 100% of the SML stock to an investment company.

Following the sale of stock in SML, Mr. Jennings continued to wholly own and manage Stone Mountain Design, Inc. (SMD).  During this time the company oversaw the design, development, industrialization, supply chain management and subsequent production of 22 million mobile handsets per year for Sony Ericsson from SMD’s US, Singapore and Malaysia offices, designed several new products for OEM customers, and developed and production deployed an MSHA approved Mesh Network ruggedized handset, battery pack, desk top charger, repeater antenna mount, and complete line of audio accessories focused on the coal mining industry.  Further, SMD provides a complete mechanical and electromechanical radio & accessory solution for companies seeking to develop their own radios, working in partnership with Fortune 500 companies to design their electronics into SMD’s high tier radio package.

On October 1st, 2011, Mr. Jennings created a new corporation and purchased the assets of SML, five years to the day of the original sale.

Following the purchase of the assets, Mr. Jennings began an immediate evaluation and overhaul of SML, focusing on improved quality, customer support and communication, marketing, operating efficiency, and most importantly, a return to the roots of SML – New product development and technology driven solutions.  Just three years after the acquisition, a stronger, more focused, and highly driven company has emerged, forged from hard work and tough lessons learned.  In May, 2013, SML released a new speaker microphone product platform – The Phoenix compliments the existing Sword and Juno lines, providing an IP68 level waterproof speaker mic designed to meet full Mil 810G requirements with an impressive set of features, including three that are patent pending.  As with the Sword, Juno and Utah, the Phoenix is assembled in the USA to the very highest quality standards.  In 2014, the Phoenix product line was expanded to support:

  • All major Land Mobile Radio (LMR) platforms.
  • Mbitr PRC Harris, Thales, General Dynamics, etc. tactical military radio’s.
  • Sonim, Casio, Samsung, etc. Smart Phone / Tablets, supporting all popular PoC applications.
  • Additionally, the patent pending CallCheckTM feature was introduced, allowing Users to selectively record, store, play back and re-transmit individual receive audio messages.

Mr. Jennings and the team at SML are grateful for this opportunity to once again do what is our passion – Develop high quality, USA assembled, audio accessory products.  We are excited about the prospects of continually reinventing SML with an even clearer vision and understanding of where we have been, and more importantly, where we intend to go.

I remain at your service, and am always available, 24/7, for your calls, questions, concerns and ideas, at 540.874.2029.



Bill Jennings
President, Stone Mountain, Ltd.
President, Stone Mountain Design, Inc.