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Fire, HAZMAT, Rescue & CBRNE

“I have used the same Stone Mountain Sword speaker mic on my Kenwood radio since 2007. It’s been used and abused in structure and wildland fires, water rescue and all forms of inclement weather. I am especially impressed with its waterproofing as it has always been loud and clear even when wet (We get torrential rain here). It has never failed me once and after having used a variety of speaker mics over the years, I now would never use anything else on my radio for the Fire Service.”


firefighterMatthew Walker
McKenzie Fire & Rescue




“Western Taney County Fire Protection District has used the Stone Mountain SWORD for 5 years. We were looking for a lapel speaker mic that would hold up to firefighting conditions. The SWORD has done just that – Truly a water proof product that has good sound and lasts. Thanks to the team at Stone Mountain for helping solve our communication needs.”

westernDanny Rylott
Battalion Chief
Western Taney County Fire Protection District




“Bedford County Fire & Rescue is pleased to continue our relationship with Stone Mountain Ltd. as we provide our volunteers and career staff with the latest radio communications technology. After several weeks of field testing we selected the Phoenix speaker mic to issue to approximately 250 of our personnel because of the product’s overall quality and the ability to upgrade them with the CallCheck feature. As a bonus, Stone Mountain is located in our county, which gives us the ability to interact with them easily.”


a-bedfordJack W. Jones, Jr.
Chief of Department
Bedford County Fire & Rescue