Customer Endorsements

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Stone Mountain Customer Endorsements By Market Sector

Stone Mountain is proud to include the following endorsements from satisfied customers of our fine USA products and services.

Energy & Industrial
“Waste Connections met Stone Mountain when we started looking for a better communication system for our operations.  Stone Mountain came in with Zello to help set up our new system. The BluSkye speaker mics and TruDock charging stations from Stone Mountain work flawlessly with Zello and our operating system.
When COVID-19 hit and social distancing was a must, one quick email and once again, Stone Mountain was there.  They sent us charging cords for all of our drivers to charge mics at home. This was a big help! Stone Mountain has been with us from the start and I am confident that they will be with us for years to come.”

Josh Bales
Operations Manager
Waste Connections

Energy & Industrial
“Speaking from personal experience we have these microphones in over 150 trucks in the Austin & San Antonio area with great success.  It is an excellent communication solution.”

Tom Bonnickson
Device Technician
Martin Marietta

Energy & Industrial
“As always, your ongoing support has been amazing and i can’t thank you enough for everything.  Aside from the quality of your equipment, your service sets you aside from any vendor i have ever dealt with.  The team that surrounds your product far exceeds my expectations every time.”

Christopher R Surwillo |BAU|
Corporate Business Analyst
Advanced Disposal

Energy & Industrial
“Manatts is a construction company based in Iowa that does heavy highway construction as well as being a supplier of ready mix concrete. In our trucking division we have around 120 trucks that supply material to our ready mix and portable paving plants, as well as haul material off of and to our highway projects. We currently are using Samsung tablets mounted to the dash of each truck with a Stone Mountain Phoenix Elite connected to each tablet. We are using ZelloWork for our PoC app and TrackIt for our GPS application. I made the switch to Stone Mountain because the previous mics we used just weren’t durable. It seemed like I was constantly swapping out mics because of blown speakers – Since switching to Stone Mountain I have yet to replace a single mic. Also, one of the first things I noticed with our Phoenix Elites was the audio quality. Compared to the competitors mics, the audio is crystal clear on the Phoenix Elites.

One of the biggest benefits for us using Zello and the Stone Mountain mics has been the ability to have constant communications no matter where our trucks are. We can have jobs in all corners of the state, with our two way radio system we just can’t cover that area, with Zello our drivers can talk to dispatch no matter how far they are from the office. We rolled out Zello to a small portion of our ready mix operations as well, that area is saving almost $1000 per month now using Zello over what they paid to lease space on a trunked radio system, with better coverage too.”

Kyle Lint
Fleet Systems Analyst
Manatts, Inc.

Energy & Industrial

“At Breckenridge Material, we operate over 200 Ready Mix trucks within a 100 mile radius of St. Louis, Missouri.  In late 2017, our radio provider informed us that our 800 MHZ analog systems, utilized for communications between our  fleet and our dispatch, was being phased out and we needed to move to a digital system.  In reviewing their costs, the new radios were going to be an investment of over $1,000/unit and the service was going to be in the $20/month range.  At the same time, we were using tablets connected to the internet via cellular signal to communicate truck positions and status and we discovered that we would be able to communicate between our dispatch group and trucks by utilizing a tool called ZelloWorks if we could find the right hardware.  After researching and testing several options, including Bluetooth capable devices, we discovered that the Stone Mountain Phoenix Elite Speaker Mic was the best solution.  The Elite offered the ability to charge in our vehicles, voices were loud and clear in the truck, were capable of connecting to our external speakers and were durable and held up in our dusty environment.  Thanks to this solution, we saved the company over $150,000 in one-time hardware costs and $24,000/year in operating costs.”

John S. Crumrine
Breckenridge Material Company

Energy & Industrial

“Stone Mountain is a great business partner and always provides excellent customer service – couple this with their industry knowledge, excellent design, and quality product and you get a great all around company to do business with. No matter the size of your order they treat you as their only customer and that is really appreciated. We will continue to do business for years to come.”

Stephen Byrd
IT Director
Sequatchie Concrete

Energy & Industrial

“Until our company was introduced to Stone Mountain, we were using hard-wired two-way radios for our 50+ fleet.  Communication on the two-way radios did not transmit without background static or come close to providing the service coverage area needed.  Stone Mountain suggested we try connecting wireless, two-way cellular speaker mics to our existing phones and tablets.  We couldn’t be happier.  The coverage area is much greater, there is less background noise, and we seldom lose communication.
Through the Zello PoC app, our drivers are able to successfully connect the BluSkye wireless speaker mic and communicate clearly, without interruption.  The speaker mic is much more rugged than our previous radios, is easily connected, and can be used while in close proximity to the tablets.  This is helpful as it allows our drivers to be outside of their vehicles for troubleshooting while communicating with our mechanics.
The customer service we received from Stone Mountain has been exceptional.  They could not have been more helpful when we were configuring the speaker mics to our phones and tablets and continue to provide excellent customer service.  Not only do they have great response time when we have questions, they have met and exceeded every one of our specifications.”

Angelo Petriello
Sales & Operations Manager
Transfleet Concrete Inc.

Energy & Industrial

“We own a fleet of 550 concrete trucks – Nine months ago we migrated our vehicle communications to a cellular based system using pedestal mounted Android tablets with the Zello PoC app.  We operate in an extremely loud and environmentally hostile environment and needed a wired remote speaker mic (RSM) that was rugged, waterproof, extremely loud and reliable.  After evaluating several product options, we chose the Phoenix Elite RSM by Stone Mountain.  The Phoenix Elite met or exceeded all our requirements and expectations.  The unit maintains loud and clear audio well above the ambient noise level.  The hard wired charging kit is easy to install and includes a heavy duty power connector that conveniently mates to a jack in the RSM cable – Allowing the RSM to be charged and used at the same time.
Stone Mountain worked with us more as a partner than a supplier – They listened to our needs and if they didn’t have it, they developed it for us.  Their customer service and product support is truly exceptional!”

Brian Webb
Director of Customer Service
Concrete Supply Co.

Energy & Industrial
“Our job requires lifting and moving extremely heavy objects to locations where visibility is impaired.  Safety is paramount and nothing is more important than making sure that everyone on the job site goes home to their family.  In this industry there is no room for failure.  We operate a 5 ton crane on an International truck with a 100’ extension boom.  Every load lifted has a spotter guiding the load with a tagline to control the load and to avoid damaging property or hurting someone.  Prior to using Stone Mountain’s SpeakEZ™ hands free communication devices, we used cell phones (if service was available) or required additional people just to maintain contact between the crane operator and the spotters.  With SpeakEZ™, we maintain communications without having to use our hands to give crane signals or make phone calls.  And we no longer pay for the extra man power simply to inform the operator when to lower and stop the crane.  As the owner of a crane company, I know the risks and liabilities involved with the work we do.  I feel much safer being able to keep my hands on the controls while also being able to communicate at the same time with my spotters using the SpeakEZ™ devices.”

Danny Myers
SML Crane

Logistics & Transportation

“Due to coverage problems with our old CB radio platform, we switched to a mobile phone system using a Kodiak push to talk over cellular app.  We are a non-profit organization with 80 buses providing Medicaid and public transportation services in  sixteen counties.  As such, we are required to follow FTA distracted driving regulations and for the safety of our drivers and passengers chose a wired speaker mic to use with our tablets.  Several different brands were evaluated, with the clear winner being the Stone Mountain Phoenix Elite.  The product is extremely rugged, high quality and LOUD!  It also allows us to charge the unit during daily use.  The Stone Mountain engineers helped us solve system implementation issues throughout the project.  We love our new system and the Phoenix Elite has proven to be very user friendly and reliable.  Many thanks to the team at Stone Mountain for their products and support!”

Pam Shepherd
Executive Director
Federated Transportation Services of the Bluegrass, Inc.

Fire, HAZMAT, Rescue & CBRNE
“I have used the same Stone Mountain Sword speaker mic on my Kenwood radio since 2007. It’s been used and abused in structure and wildland fires, water rescue and all forms of inclement weather. I am especially impressed with its waterproofing as it has always been loud and clear even when wet (We get torrential rain here). It has never failed me once and after having used a variety of speaker mics over the years, I now would never use anything else on my radio for the Fire Service.”

Matthew Walker
McKenzie Fire & Rescue

Fire, HAZMAT, Rescue & CBRNE
“Western Taney County Fire Protection District has used the Stone Mountain SWORD for 5 years. We were looking for a lapel speaker mic that would hold up to firefighting conditions. The SWORD has done just that – Truly a water proof product that has good sound and lasts. Thanks to the team at Stone Mountain for helping solve our communication needs.”

Danny Rylott
Battalion Chief
Western Taney County Fire Protection District

Fire, HAZMAT, Rescue & CBRNE
“Bedford County Fire & Rescue is pleased to continue our relationship with Stone Mountain Ltd. as we provide our volunteers and career staff with the latest radio communications technology. After several weeks of field testing we selected the Phoenix speaker mic to issue to approximately 250 of our personnel because of the product’s overall quality and the ability to upgrade them with the CallCheck feature. As a bonus, Stone Mountain is located in our county, which gives us the ability to interact with them easily.”

Jack W. Jones, Jr.
Chief of Department
Bedford County Fire & Rescue

Police, SWAT & Security
“As a Sergeant in the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Unit, I feel it is imperative that we use the very best communication equipment available in the industry.  The Special Operations Unit is home to the K9 unit, the traffic unit, the aviation unit, the marine unit, the agricultural unit and the SWAT team.
When I found out our department was upgrading our radios to the XL 200, which is Bluetooth capable, I decided to look into Bluetooth speaker mics eliminating the safety risk of having the cable of a wired speaker mic used against us in the event of an altercation with a suspect. There are also many other instances where the ability to have a microphone without the added bulk of the wire is extremely valuable.
The first Bluetooth speaker provided to me from our radio provider was less than desirable and honestly felt like a cheap plastic toy. After being introduced to Stone Mountain Ltd. and receiving a sample unit of their BluSkye® Bluetooth speaker mic, it was very evident that their rugged design was far superior to any other Bluetooth speaker mic on the market.
When we had a special request requiring a modification to meet a specific need of ours, their sales and engineering team worked together to provide us with the exact solution allowing us to control the volume of the speaker mic from the radio itself in a very short amount of time. The sound quality and volume output level of the microphone exceeded my expectations, as did the sales and engineering team at Stone Mountain Ltd.
If you work in public safety or in any environment where safety is paramount, demand a speaker mic, you can trust and choose Stone Mountain!”

Sgt. C. Mathisen #2727
Special Operations
Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

Police, SWAT & Security

“We contacted several after-market microphone manufacturers to build a rugged shoulder mic with a Nexus connector for use by our Helicopter Crew(s).  This required a custom mic that contained switching, so that the user can unplug his helmet mounted headset from the on-board intercom and plug into the shoulder mic to operate in the high noise environment near the running helicopter.  To make things even more problematic, we employ several brands and models of radios, Motorola, Harris and Kenwood.
Stone Mountain was the ONLY manufacturer to accept the challenge.  All the others told us sorry we don’t make anything like that.
Stone Mountain rapidly developed a prototype based on their existing designs that we’ve tested in the field and are very impressed with ruggedness and operability of the mic.  The cost is less than we can build them ourselves.
The Stone Mountain solution meets or exceeds all of our product requirements.”

Dennis Smiley
Detective Sergeant
Sonoma County

Events & Entertainment

“In order to communicate effectively, real time and hands free, we previously tried various VOX solutions without success. We heard about, and subsequently evaluated, the Stone Mountain SpeakEZ hands free, full duplex communication system. The units are extremely user friendly, compact and possess excellent Rx and Tx audio quality (a strict requirement in our business). The ability to have five people talk simultaneously in full duplex was a huge plus for our various venues.”

Tom Thornton
Point Source Audio Music

Medical & Biological

“Engineering and maintenance in a healthcare environment is critical to the services we provide to our patients and colleagues on a daily basis.  Quality of care depends on our quick reaction, and the reliability of the tools we use.  We can’t afford to hesitate or miss the opportunity to respond.  This is mission critical for everything from high end equipment used for life support, general maintenance, and fire response.  We’ve  tried the Stone Mountain Phoenix microphone and found it met and in many cases exceeded our expectations.  They have a great product and are passionate about meeting the needs of their customers.  As such, I would personally recommend Stone Mountain and I am looking forward to working with them in the future.”

Kevin Bourne
Director, Plant Engineering
Centra Health Medical Group

Aviation & Maritime

“Linden Municipal Airport is a Federally Designated Reliever Facility for the Newark International Airport and the helicopter center for the New York City area. We are a busy general aviation airport and are responsible for managing all aspects of the facility including aeronautical and ground operations, aircraft fueling, and airport maintenance. Reliable communications are vital to keeping our people safe.
We need to protect our personnel from the extremely high noise levels, particularly around running helicopters, when they are outside handling operating aircraft. Our people are equipped with very heavy-duty noise cancelling industrial headsets attached to extreme duty hard hats. When going indoors, or inside a vehicle, they need to transition to a speaker microphone.  Frequent changing back and forth became a frustrating, time consuming process, with the staff constantly fumbling with the equipment. Further, the constant switching between headset adapters and speaker mic units was causing repetitive connector failures on the radio units.
We needed a system that would allow us to connect the headsets directly to the speaker mic. This would eliminate the wear on the radio connector and allow the staff to keep the radio unit and speaker mic in place on their person. Ours is a very tough environment and finding a solution was not as simple as it sounds.
We tried numerous speaker mic units. Those few that had a connector that would actually mechanically mate with our heavy duty headset’s plug all had poor auxiliary headset connectors. They were decidedly inadequate in our environment and failed quickly. Some had poor audio, impedance mismatches, or other technical incompatibilities. Worse, the manufacturers had little understanding of these issues.
I was referred to Stone Mountain, Ltd.  Their engineers were clearly experts and very responsive. They immediately grasped the mechanical and technical issues with our application. I provided one of our headsets and a radio unit to them and within a week they supplied a fully tested Waterproof Phoenix Speaker Mic with the SureTact feature and a custom interface cable to interconnect the headset to their speaker mic.
Their speaker mic units have held up very well, even in our environment, and the staff is very satisfied with the high audio quality they provide.
We have since purchased additional units.  I would highly recommend you consider Stone Mountain for your communications needs.”

Paul DudleyLinden-badge
Linden Municipal Airport (LDJ)[/fullwidth]